This program prepares students for the occupation of firefighting. Students learn the theory of fire science as well as practical application. Courses are also utilized to qualify fire personnel for career advancement. Entrance recommendations: 1) High School graduate or academic equivalent; 2) Interest and aptitude in the fire fighting field.

Qualified students who have received technical or vocational training from the Florida State Fire College may receive course waiver for those courses identified through the Articulation Agreement.  Credit may also be received for courses through credit by exam.  Contact the Fire Science Office for additional information, qualifications, requirements and testing.

FFP 1000 Introduction to Fire Science is the required Fire Science Technology prerequisite course. Students who possess a State of Florida Firefighter Minimum Standards Certificate of Competency may request a course waiver or credit by exam for FFP 1000.

Interested students should call (321) 433-5707 or visit the Fire Science website at for more information.


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Credits Needed: 15
ENC 1101 Composition 1 3
SPC 2608 Fundamentals of Speech Communication 3
  Computation /Natural Science Requirement 3
  Humanities Requirement 3
  Social/Behavioral Science Requirement 3


Credits Needed: 18
FFP 1000 Introduction to Fire Science 3
FFP 2505 Fundamentals of Fire Prevention 3
FFP 2720 Company Officer Leadership 3
FFP 2770 Ethical and Legal Issues for the Fire Service 3
FFP 2780 Fire Department Administration, Management and Supervision 3
FFP 2810 Firefighting Tactics and Strategy 1 3


Credits Needed: 27
FFP 1070 Marine Fire Fighting for Land Based Firefighters 3
FFP 1304 Aerial Operations 3
FFP 1793 Fire and Life Safety Educator, Level 1 3
FFP 2111 Fire Chemistry 3
FFP 2120 Building Construction and Codes 3
FFP 2301 Fire Hydraulics 3
FFP 2302 Fire Apparatus Operator 3
FFP 2510 Fire Protection Codes and Standards 3
FFP 2521 Plans Examination and Blueprint Reading 3
FFP 2540 Fire Protection Systems and Extinguishing Agents 3
FFP 2610 Origin and Cause 3
FFP 2740 Fire Service Instructor 3
FFP 2741 Fire Service Course Design 3
FFP 2811 Fire Fighting Tactics and Strategy 2 3
Total Credit Hours: 60

These courses satisfy the curriculum required by the Bureau of Fire Standards and Training for the Fire Officer 1 Certification Examination:  FFP 2120, FFP 2505, FFP 2810, FFP 2540, FFP 2720, FFP 2740 and FFP 2811.

These courses are part of the curriculum required by the Bureau of Fire Standards and Training for Fire Officer 2 Option:  FFP 2111, FFP 2780, FFP 2741 and FFP 2770.

These courses will satisfy the curriculum required by the Bureau of Fire Standards and Training for the Fire Inspector Certification Examination:  FFP 2120, FFP 2505, FFP 2510, FFP 2521 and FFP 2540.  Must also satisfy Florida Statutes 633.081.

Fire Officer 1 and Fire Officer 2 may have additional course and testing requirements.  Contact the Fire Science Office at (321) 433-5707.

Note:  A grade of "C" or higher is necessary in each major course for progression and graduation.